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Severe Application Meters (SAM) for Dredging

Production Management Solutions for Dredging

Flow Meter Restoration and Retrofit Services

TECO specializes in providing wear solutions that can extend the life of your equipment and keep your systems at maximum operational levels


  • Custom engineered ceramic brick or polyurethane liner - 3/4" stainless steel inlet/outlet protectors
  • Independantly sealed electrode wells
  • Field accessible Hastelloy B electrodes
  • Allow TECO to retrofit your existing magnetic flow meters at a fraction of the cost of new
SAMS flowmeter for Dredging

Present customers are reporting up to 10 year life spans in dredging applications.

  • All Makes & Models of MagFlow Meters Retro-fitted
  • Great for Highly Abrasive Applications
  • LOW COST - Compared to New
  • Extended Equipment Life Cycles
  • Greater ROI on Process Instrumentation

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